Matt Gordon

Matt was born at a very early age.

He was growing up in Bristol, south-west England when he discovered Jimi Hendrix. In light of said discovery, he resolved to teach himself the electric guitar, thus adding to his already impressive list of instrumental abilities (which at this point consisted of the piano).

It was during time spent at Oxford Brookes University, that Matt became immersed in the practice and study of the many forms of jazz. Having already been aware of Miles Davis, Gil Evans, John Coltrane & Charles Mingus, amongst others, this period led to the recognition of Maria Schneider, Wayne Shorter, George Russell & Eric Dolphy. Amongst others.

Around this time Matt was also introduced to Morton Feldman via his then teacher, a Mister Paul Newland. The next ‘phase’ is largely undocumented but includes D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, J Dilla, Madlib & Big Blood. Amongst others. (He was already well versed in the funk, the R&B, the soul & the hip hop. The latter courtesy of The Roots).

Matt currently assumes the title(s): “Arranger, Bandleader, Composer, DJ, Guitarist, Nerd, Pianist,  Producer.” Though not necessarily in that order.


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